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VSRNM20 - 2018

VSRNM20 - 2018

Instruction for abstract submission

I. Submit abstract

Please follow 3 steps below: 

Step 1: Sign up

Click Sign up icon in the upper right corner, sign up form will turn up, (see the illustration below)

- Please fill all the information in the form to create a new account in case of the first time you access the system. 
- Click Complete sign-up now to finish. 

Note: After Sign upyou will receive an email to verify the sign-up process, please check email and click the link to active your account and Sign in. Unless you check email, your account is still in Pending status and you can not sign in.  

Step 2: Sign in to submit abstract by using registered email and password. 

- It is necessary to check personal information before submitting abstract. 
- In case you want to change password or your account information, click Update User Details, then click Update to finish. 

Step 3: Submit abstract

- Click Submit abstract in the left corner. 
- Fill all information with items: corresponding author, corresponding email address, title of abstract, brief description of abstract, keywords, topics.
- Click Proceed
- Select file name, then click Upload abstract and complete submission. 
- Organizing board will examine abstract and send confirmation email to submitter. 

+ Once submitting abstract, submitter can change or correct information, we will use your latest update to examine.
+ The system sends confirmation email and inform necessary information related to your abstract. 
+ Please contact us via email:, we are willing to help you solve difficulties and questions.

II. Submit Full-paper

After your abstract is approved, in the Abstracts/ Paper Submitted will be as image below: 

- Please click UPLOAD PAPER  to submit full-paper. 

- Select your full-paper file to upload, then click Upload Abstract and Complete Submission.

- Organizing board will examine full-paper and send confirmation email to submitter. 

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